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Countdown to Pittsburgh …

This Saturday I will be leaving to Pittsburgh for my research intern at CMU. Straight afterwards we will go to Greece for some holidays. Finally at the end of the summer I will be going to the IFIP SEC 10 conference before I return back home in October. Happy summer everyone and see you soon! […]

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Facebook: A security and privacy nightmare?

Apparently Facebook decided to open-up profiles to the public yet a little further in future, read more at this blog entry. So whilst a plethora of security research highlights how broken this service really is, Facebook keeps on exposing more private information to third-parties on a sneaky opt-out basis. Want to catch up how broken […]

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I went to visit the UCSB Seclab …

… and all I got were these lousy pictures. UCSB campus UCSB Seclab – hackidy hack UCSB Seclab – some more hackers and books