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How-To Install aircrack-ng on Ubuntu 12.04

The aircrack-ng package has been removed from the official package tree. Installing aircrack-ng on Ubuntu 12.04 is however straightforward. First checkout the latest aircrack-ng source code via SVN:svn co aircrack-ngThen, within the “aircrack-ng” directory, run the following commands:makesudo make install

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Social Snapshot Pilot – Completed

In the past six month 97 people participated in our social snapshot pilot survey. As of now, the pilot application is not available for public testing anymore. We are currently working an updated release of our social snapshot framework, with plenty of new functionality and performance improvements. So stay tuned for the upcoming release of […]

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Google+ and Diaspora: Secure Connection (HTTPS) per default

I recently got invited to Google+ and had a curious first look. Google+ seems to be enforcing HTTPS on all pages. Given the current Facebook security issue with HTTPS this is good news. Also had a look at diaspora*, which has some active development. First public community supported diaspora* pods, such as or […]