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Enable HTTPS on Facebook!

A couple of month passed since Facebook introduced full SSL support. This optional feature lets you browse Facebook via a secure connection (https) whenever possible. Facebook via https is now available to all users and why are so few people using it? I suppose because the option is disabled per default. -> Enable this option! […]

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autumn is here

Finally arrived back in Vienna last Thursday. Pittsburgh turned out to be a neat city and I had a good time there. In Australia I ran into Richard Stallman and had some great discussions on free software. Amir showed me around Sydney – thank you so much! before I ended up in Byron Bay. Below […]

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Squirrel Hill

Morgen sind es zwei Wochen seit dem ich in Pittsburgh bin. Anfangs hat mich Ben – ein supernetter Couchsurfer gehosted und mittlerweile bin ich in Squirrel Hill angekommen. Ich teile mir ein kleines Haus mit zwei anderen Studenten in der Kamin Street. Die Stadt gefällt mir ganz gut, vorallem da Pittsburgh erstaunlich vielfältig ist. Squirrel […]