no trading = no wuala

I have been using wuala for almost two years now and have been quite happy with it. End of September the wuala team announced to discontinue one of their coolest features: trading storage. This means that wuala is now yet another online cloud storage service, with client-side encryption as their only competitive advantage. Therefore I […]

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Social Snapshots and Gephi

We will present a new tool to extract the complete account information from social networks, like Facebook, at this years’ ACSAC. More information on the social snapshot project are also available here:  Social Snapshots: Digital Forensics for Online Social Networks Currently I am looking for ways to visualize extracted data from Facebook. Gephi is a […]

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Google+ and Diaspora: Secure Connection (HTTPS) per default

I recently got invited to Google+ and had a curious first look. Google+ seems to be enforcing HTTPS on all pages. Given the current Facebook security issue with HTTPS this is good news. Also had a look at diaspora*, which has some active development. First public community supported diaspora* pods, such as or […]