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Lenovo T14s & Ubuntu

My new laptop is a Lenovo Thinkpad T14s AMD Gen 1 and I opted for Ubuntu 20.04 as the laptops operating system. Ubuntu 20.04 is a LTS release and therefore has the advantage of longstanding security updates + security Livepatches.

In the following, I briefly outline some (obvious) configuration I needed for my setup. I hope this information helps you in case you face similar challenges.

T14s + Realtek RTW89 Wifi

Once I started the installation, I was surprised that the wireless device/options did not automatically show up (last time I had this issue was on Windows decades ago). It turned out that the solution for the issue is rather simple: switch to the latest OEM Kernel for Ubuntu Focal: apt-get install linux-oem-20.04d

Fix battery drain on T14s suspend

After the first few days of testing my system, I noticed that my Thinkpad’s battery drains very fast (~40% over night). Fix for power saving suspend in Ubuntu 20.04:

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