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nysos4 – Server Upgrade

In October 2020 I upgraded the hardware of my home server. In particular I decided to upgrade my existing setup by replacing the mainboard with a ASrock J5040-ITX. I opted for this board for three reasons (loosely sorted by priority): Support for Intel Quick Sync for media trans-coding, lower TDP, and support for 4K via HDMI.

The replacement went pretty fast but once I started to boot my system with the new mainboard, the system got stuck at “no boot device found”. After reading up on the issue, I discovered that the ASRock J5040-ITX does not support legacy boot modes and my Linux server was not installed in UEFI mode.

I finally opted for setting the 4th iteration of my home server “nysos4” from a fresh install with UEFI and Secure Boot. Restoring my previous data on the fresh install went very smooth.

Finally, I was very happy to see that setting up LUKS for remote unlocking via SSH became super easy to set up with Dropbear.

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