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Facebook: A security and privacy nightmare?

Apparently Facebook decided to open-up profiles to the public yet a little further in future, read more at this blog entry. So whilst a plethora of security research highlights how broken this service really is, Facebook keeps on exposing more private information to third-parties on a sneaky opt-out basis.
Want to catch up how broken Facebook is? Read some interesting (academic) publications regarding Facebook Security:
A Practical Attack to De-Anonymize Social Network Users
All Your Contacts Are Belong to Us
Towards Automating Social Engineering Using Social Networking Sites

What can Facebook users do to protect themselves? So far not that much; at least: adapt your privacy settings, protect your communication with browser extensions such as ForceTLS.

As soon as all review cycles are finished, I plan to publish more information on a new security threat with SNSs that we recently discovered.

(C) Joy of Tech
(C) Joy of Tech

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